Soul of human being is linked with ultimate soul that makes humans an associated parts of Brahm (the supreme), which is the base of Vedic way of life, which says, “Aham Bramhāsmi” that means, “I am Brahm or I am the infinite reality”. This has been the real truth of human worth since it existence, and Vedic scripture have been receiving their base from this connection of human being with supreme.

Vedic Jyotish has its base in such a idea of Vedic books that let humankind know about their prosperity & future through an well-known divine connection with ultimate soul. Celestial designs are embraced by Vedic Jyotish that speak dimensions about the all types of human existence on earth, changes, nature’s rules and connected outcomes of life. One’s birth chart says the whole thing about their life, and Vedic Jyotish is measured as the data that translates all the facts unseen in one’s future. It unites all the physical, sensitive and spiritual facts kept in one’s horoscope in the maximum astrological manner. Vedic authenticity is essential feature of Vedic Jyotish that makes it one of the utmost preferred zodiacal practices.

Spiritual Characteristics of Vedic Jyotish are:

  • Vedic Jyotish fits to info that consist of every characteristic related with laws of nature that are powerful in transforming one’s life moments and experiences in life. Vedic Jyotish successively reveals all the facts of one’s life from the matching moment of their birth
  • Vedic Jyotish providing by Guru4astro is also helpful in developing connection between an person’s energy also planetary energy. Apt channelization of planetary energy for one’s healing is also internally done by Vedic Jyotish
  • We deliver Vedic Jyotish facilities that are real in preventing the danger that may come in future, as Pandit Ji studies one’s birth calendar by succeeding methods of Vedic Jyotish that are perfect in allowing you know about favourable and unfavourable periods of life
  • Calculations done by Vedic Jyotish are correct due to the element that laws of nature that channelize worldwide development is also answerable for leading human beings’ life
  • By knowing facts of place and time of birth, Hindu Astrologers analyze events of approaching future by the help of which they provide detailed health, prosperity, compatibility, career, love, household, and education associated predictions with complete vedic veracity
  • Vedic Jyotish is believed for providing light in dark stage of one’s life by allowing them know about their favourable times, and if required, it also advises solution that can remove bad phase from one’s horoscope

Guru ji helps you through Vedic Jyotish Skills:


  • Guru Ji analyses one’s birth calendar and delivers correct predictions about future in the most personalized manner. He is always presented for consulting, and you may contact him any time. You can even meet him generally at centre.
  • Guru4astro provides resolution of all kinds of life difficulties by aptly analysing one’s horoscope. Guru Ji is master in solving spiritual systems stored in one’s horoscope, by analysing:

9 Grahas (planets)

12 Rashis (signs)

27 Nakshatras (lunar mansions)

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